Party Package Three

Party Package 3!

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We’ll come to your party (in costume) and keep the kids absolutely captivated for 1 hour!
. . . enchanted stories, bubble blowing and catching, flying lessons, wishing dust and lots of fun!

We’ll put face glitter & gems on the kids faces, tell a story about our magical kingdom, have flying lessons, go on a pixie treasure hunt, make a magical wand craft activity & have a wishing stone ceremony. The kids are kept very busy for the hour and are totally captivated!

While you’re waiting for us to arrive you can play a game or open the birthday presents.
Please do not give the children any cake, lollies or party food until after we’ve gone.

Here’s what we’ll bring:

  • Face sparkles, jewels & pirate scars
  • A treasure hunt & fun activities
  • Magical wands or pirate flags craft activity
  • A little wishing stone bag for each child to take home
  • We can also bring a fabulous birthday cake (additional cost)

* During every party we’ll do a very special “Wishing Stone Ceremony” ~ Each child will be given a magical wishing stone to take home in a little organza bag… with a sprinkling of wishing dust added to it. You’re welcome to also provide your own kids’ party bags.

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All you need to provide is:

1. The children!
2. The party room decorations
3. The kids party food
4. The birthday cake
- or we can organise this for you
5. Additional games & activities
6. The adults’ food and drinks
7. Your camera or video camera

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